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Are you ready to be amazed?


One Body takes ALL the guess work out of exercise and diet. Our fitness team will design you an easy plan to get results fast. We provide our client’s with only scientific based programs which have to be effective for weight loss and toning. Please learn more and click our video link.

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At One Body Fitness we give you the complete package of training, diet, and cardio. We did the research so you don’t have to.

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We hold client’s empathically accountable by providing set schedules for training and pre & post assessments.

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One Body Fitness is a result driven community that sends out daily motivational blogs, emails, and texts no matter what program you pick!

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The Body of your dreams is not in the past. Studies have shown that you can lose weight and gain lean muscle mass at any age or fitness level. You have to take the first step and take action now. We can over come any past injury’s and keep you safe. The hardest part is walking in the door for a FREE consultation and FREE fitness evaluation! Take action now! We will take care of the rest. Space is limited, please set up your consultation now. We believe in you! We are proud of you! Please believe in yourself and TAKE ACTION on your Journey.

One Body Fitness

Meet our trainers

Our trainers are the best of the best. They have over ten years of experiences in this field.

Howie Machek

Fitness Trainer/Owner

Kim Spreitzer

Personal Trainer


  • Eight years ago when my daughter became engaged, I was determined not to wear the traditional mother of the bride frock. Instead, I wanted to wear an elegant strapless gown from a Michigan Ave boutique. As Howie and I worked together I noticed muscle tone and definition in my upper back, arms and chest as well as my core that I thought was gone forever. Guests at my daughter’s wedding said I looked more like the bride’s sister than mother.

    Eight years later and I’m still a loyal client. I am pleased to provide my strong endorsement of Howie’s positive attitude, skills and dedication to my health and wellbeing.

    Judy Peterson
    Mother of the Bride
  • Seven years ago, I had the good fortune of meeting Howie Machek. Before I trained with Howie, I had been battling obesity for over fifteen years. I tried every exercise program available without success. My wife me with a gift of personal training sessions with Howie. Thanks to Howie I have lost 100lbs, kept it off, and I am now fit enough to run a 5K. Howie has literally changed my life and the way I view diet and exercise.

    William J. Cremer
    Founding Partner Cremer, Kopan, Shaugnessy & Spina LLC.
  • I started training with Howie in January of this year. I’ve never had a structured fitness or diet regimen prior to this. Howie put together a program that worked for me and by May I lost 26LBS and several inches. His energy and motivation is what pushed and still pushes me to achieve my goals. Howie is a hard worker and a caring individual. He is passionate about his work and it shows in his training. I always look forward to our sessions. I couldn’t be happier with my results and I look forward to continue training with him as I strive to reach my overall goal. Howie continues to push me to be the best I can be. What a difference Howie has made in my life! As a trainer, Howie is a perfect 10!

    Marcy Wegner
  • I first started Training with Howie in February of 2006. I weighed 155lb at that time. That was the most I had ever weighed. I always worked out, but just never drop any weight on my own. Howie knew when to push me and how hard. I had worked with other trainers in the past and most of the time to the point of overtraining where I was so sore and could hardly walk or move my arms. That has never happened with Howie. I now weigh 130lb and continue to train with Howie. My arms have never been so toned and defined before.
    Howie has such a passion for what he does, and it shows. He is very professional, yet compassionate. He also sets a perfect example. He certainly practices what he preaches. This is the best experience I had ever had working out with a personal trainer. It has been money well spent and certainly an investment in my health. I look forward to continuing to work with Howie.

    Tami Moog
    Certified Personal Trainer
  • As my milestone birthday approached, I decided to sign up with One Body Fitness. My goals were to tone and lose some extra pounds that decided to stick with me long after the holidays. I had 26% body fat with very little tone and wanted to build muscle and strength. Following the customized nutrition and workout plans, I achieved 17.7% body fat and the lean muscle definition I wanted! I also significantly improved my posture, flexibility and balance. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results!
    I owe it all to Howie’s fitness philosophies as well as my trainer Cathia’s expertise, guidance and positive motivation—I truly couldn’t have done it without her! Howie and Cathia are true experts in their field and their passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals shows! I highly recommend the One Body program to anyone wanting to improve themselves!

    Gabriela Schreiber