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Howie Machek

Remembering his first gym encounter Howie states, “I loved my first gym experience, it was a small dirty gym. It smelled like it looked. Working out for me was a great way to release stress. I became a gym rat.” “I changed my body, through exercise and diet, all I ever wanted to do was give people the feeling that I felt when I did that”. It’s that simple.

Howie realized that fitness transformation was his calling and enrolled in college to pursue a degree in exercise physiology. While working on his degree, Howie gained experience by working as an assistant personal trainer at Moraine Valley Community College. Following his graduation from Northern Illinois University in 2000, Howie successfully trained many people to help them achieve their best body from Olympic-bound athletes to the general population.

Howie has completed over 30,000 personal training sessions over his life. He States, “ at the end of the day there are only a few correct ways to achieve your best body, it’s a billion dollar industry so people get overwhelmed and quit.” Howie goes on to say, “people have to hire a fitness professional just as they would a car mechanic, most people who try to fix their car themselves are unsuccessful.” “It’s the when you try to lose weight on your own.”

In 2001, while working as a certified personal trainer at two prestigious facilities, Howie decided to start his own in-home personal training business. In 2010, Howie made the pivotal decision to find a permanent home for One Body Fitness and develop his dream studio; a state of the art gym with the look and feel of a sophisticated urban spa. One Body Fitness is able to offer something extraordinarily unique: a private spa inspired setting for personal training with over $300,000 in sophisticated state of the art equipment in a 1400 sq. ft. facility for the client’s sole use. “The facility is truly amazing. Because the gym is private it’s only us and our clients.” There’s no waiting for equipment and no distractions like you would get in a gym with this caliber of equipment,” states Howie.

Howie currently resides in Plainfield, IL. When he is not busy training clients or working out, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Joanne, and working on his business. Howie states, “ people ask me what I do for fun and laugh when I say work.” “I can’t name one current Cubs, Sox, Bulls, or Bears players, I work on my passion – to help people lose weight and feel better.”


  • Bachelor of Science Northern Illinois University in Exercise Physiology
  • American Council on Exercise, Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Member

American Council of Sports Medicine, Member