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As a busy and working mother of three I thought it would be impossible to make any kind of progress with my physique.

I went to many different studios, gyms, dietitians, and group classes with little to no results. I was about to give up and accept the fact that at 40 years old I would never have the body I wanted.

I decided to try One Body Fitness as my last resort. Right from the free consultation, I knew One Body and his team might be the place for me!

Howie and his staff had a way of breaking down my personal diet and workout’s that fit my lifestyle! The workouts were forever changing, the studio was chic, and the diet plan didn’t limit me to just bread and water! I hardly felt like I was dieting! the 50 minute workouts seemed to go by fast because of the variety and the empathy given by the trainers. One Body is a one stop shop for all your weight loss needs.

I have lost 39 pounds of pure fat and gained 8 pounds of muscle in 3 months!!! I never thought I would have the body I had before my kid. Thank you One Body fitness for changing my body and my life!


Tami Moog, Certified Personal Trainer

I first started Training with Howie in February of 2006. I weighed 155lb at that time. That was the most I had ever weighed. I always worked out, but just never drop any weight on my own. Howie knew when to push me and how hard. I had worked with other trainers in the past and most of the time to the point of overtraining where I was so sore and could hardly walk or move my arms. That has never happened with Howie. I now weigh 130lb and continue to train with Howie. My arms have never been so toned and defined before.

Howie has such a passion for what he does, and it shows. He is very professional, yet compassionate. He also sets a perfect example. He certainly practices what he preaches. This is the best experience I had ever had working out with a personal trainer. It has been money well spent and certainly an investment in my health. I look forward to continuing to work with Howie.

Mike DeNardo, Software Engineer
Before I met Howie I was burnt out on getting in shape.  I was trying to eat right and get to the gym regularly, but exercising had become a tedious chore.  I was putting a lot of time into working out, but I wasn’t seeing the improvements I wanted.
One day, after feeling frustrated from my lack of progress, I decided to make a change and found Howie and One Body Fitness.
I liked Howie’s focus on natural, healthy living and the fact that he’s a genuine, nice guy who’s actually interested in helping you achieve your goals.  He’s focused 100% on you during your sessions and isn’t staring at his phone or talking to other people like i see happening at the big box gyms.  And I really like that you get to train in a private, professional environment with everything you need just steps away, without an audience or having to wait for equipment.  Plus, Howie is constantly mixing things up, keeping the workouts interesting and keeping you motivated.
After training with Howie and following his diet and workout plans for just a couple of months I have already gained ten pounds of muscle and lowered my body fat percentage three points, something I’ve been trying to do for a long time without success.  I’m stronger than before, have more energy and just feel better all-around. 
Now I look forward to going to the gym again and can’t wait to see the progress I can make in a couple more months!
The structure at One Body was what I liked the most. The diet programming, the workouts, the accountability… its packaged up nicely. I thought losing weight would tame me hours of gym time and meal prep time. Howie and his team cut out the B.S. and gave me what worked!
Also, the customer service is great. the client comes first there and you don’t feel belittled or put down. It’s all about YOU and being empathetically encouraged to hit your goal.
What I love most is that there is a starting and ending point! They are just not looking to take your money without giving value. For all you get at One Body, It’s really affordable!